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ABL Group

This is a familiar company which was created in 2001 by the founder sr Xavier Abolafio. His team is highly qualified and involve to the culture of the group based on undertake and innovate in a way more sustainable a comercial relation with all his clients. Every project fits to their particular requirement and in the current market conditions.

ABL Group is characterized for having experienced exponential growth in the last decade of crisis with a growth of the group that has allowed to attract new clients and open to new markets.

The request of our clients and the market has lead to structuring our company in a business group in three associations:

-       ABL Construction --> Society specialized in the sector of construction and rehabilitation.

-       ABL Industry --> Maintenance in the Industry that offers civil works and integral maintenance.

-       ABL Facility --> Preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of a company's real estate assets.

We don't conform only to reach a high level of quality in the execution phase of a project, but we extend that level of exigence to the entire life of our constructions, contributing a high level of guarantees and services. Thanks to all, the business group has grow in the crisis phase and has achieved an important prestige within the sector and in all its lines of business.

The energetic efficiency and the containment of operating costs by reducing the execution time of the work, this are the essential elements in our proposals.

ABL Group has delegations in Madrid, Andalucía and Canarias and is in process of expansion in other spanish provinces.